Knight Fire Studio
Tim Knight
260 Saw Mill Road
Pottstown, PA 19465
610-970-8774 | email me

I began my career in clay in college, taking pottery classes at the University of New Hampshire. This was in the early seventies and after graduating in 1973, I started a studio with two other fellow students. We managed to stay in business for almost two years, but life finally intervened and I took a 20 year sabbatical and entered the corporate world, married and raised a family.

After moving to Pennsylvania from New Hampshire in 1995, I started working with clay again. For several years I concentrated on wood fired pottery. I fell in love with the effect of flame on the raw clay surface. I was slowly moving away from functional work and producing primarily vase forms. My early training focused on technique and form and I am still excited by the process of throwing a pot on the wheel. I’ve recently added handbuilt work to my repertoire. My favorite stage in the making of a piece is “leather-hard”. The clay has a satin sheen. My current work comes the closest to this surface in a fired piece. I use Raku, Stoneware and Porcelain clays. The pieces may be cut or carved after forming. They are bisque fired to Cone 04 (approx 1900F) and then brushed with white terra sigillata, burnished and coated with solutions of various metal salts and compounds to produce a range of colors. Wire, salt, copper sulfate, iron filings and organic materials are added to the surface and the pot is sealed in aluminum foil and gas fired to 1200F. After cleaning, each piece is hand waxed and buffed.